Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome Declan...

Oh how I love babies... this little guy was supposed to visit me when he was only 4 days old, but I had a head cold so we postponed it. He was scheduled to come when he was 10 days old, but we switched it to the next day due to weather. So I first saw him at 11 days old... he felt we needed to reschedule again. :) He didn't want to be anywhere but his daddy's arms. The minute we put him down he fussed... sooooo we rescheduled again at day 13. Lets just say, we won! He was super mellow, laid back and just a sweet little guy.

Thanks for being so accommodating mom and dad... but as I said before, we always win. :) Hope you love them!

This was from her maternity shoot... the name was a surprise so no one has seen this image.

This next image is a new FAVORTIE of mine, i am so in love with it. :)

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Dezarae said...

Love those black and whites! The sleepy shot with dad holding him is my favorite. These are so good Jayme!

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