Monday, August 9, 2010

My First Workshop...

Well this past Saturday I went to my very first photo workshop with the wonderful Tonya Joy Photography. I met Tonya when our girls were in Kindergarten last year. We realized we both had a similar passion for photography. I follow her blog and look forward to seeing her beautiful images she creates. When she posted about a workshop, I really wanted to go. Even though I am just down the street from her, she opened her doors and her knowledge to me... she really believes in helping ANYONE anyway she can. She is not worried about competition or sharing her secrets, she was there to teach what she knows and to help us become better photographers.

A great thing about a workshop is the opportunity to meet other great photographers. The group of ladies I hung out with were so kind and fun to be with. I have a feeling we will all be life long internet friends. And hey, maybe shoot together one day!

Tonya had the help of Kristina Kendig who helped with styling the first session and also provided us with some yummy food for dinner, oh I am going to make it for myself. :) She also had Katrina Kirk who completely styled the second shoot, hair and makeup... fabulous.

Ok on to my pics from the day... the first shoot focused on back light and options on shooting in mid day sun. We had an adorable family modeling for us... check out how cute they are.

The next shoot was what I was excited for... the beautiful evening light. Tonya has such a beautiful way she captures her images in this gorgeous romantic light in the evening, and I wanted to learn how. LOL I still have a ways to go.,, mastering the focus with that light coming through my lens is tough, but I feel comfortable with it now and I am so excited to start offering evening sessions now.

Check out this gorgeous couple... they were styled so cute, and omgosh... they were so in love. We were all sad when the sun went down and the shoot was over. Tonya had an awesome idea to have a Breakfast at Tiffanies meets Edward from Twilight, oh it was heaven and I loved every bit of it.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Tonya for such a Fabulous Day! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. :)

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shannon said...

soooo goregeous, jayme!! they are all stunning!
sounds like such a fun time! i've yet to do a workshop, but reallly want to.

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