Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pictures for Mother's Day? LOL

Well... if you have not guessed it yet, I tried to do a mini session with my kiddos... LOL Why is it that when you want to take their pictures, they won't cooperate... but when they want their pictures taken, you are not perpared.

I decided to do more on the creative side this year for Mother's day, in a way to save money. I decided to take some cute pictures of the kids and then make custom Mother's day cards. Well after the CRAZY shoot with the kiddos, wasn't sure if I got anything... well at least from Shane, he was being a booger. LOL But when I put them on the computer and got a chance to go through them... I was shocked... got some really cute ones to work with.

So here they are... some of my favorites and also a pic of the home made card. :)

This is probably my favorite of the shoot... and believe it or not, she was chewing on a cracker, I was so mad she shoved it in her mouth. LOL But when I got this on the screen, I fell in love her her expression. I added a fun Bokeh texture to it that I got for free off a flickr friend, if I can remember who I will post the link, they have tons of free textures.

And here is just a snib bit of some shots I took while trying to get a good one of Shane... these crack me up.

And here is the final project... what do you think? The grandmas are also getting some 4x6 of the above images as well. :)


Elizabeth said...

Very cute!!

Lynnette said...

What a great idea.....those turned out so cute!

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